Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So I found out this past week a couple of WEIRD of the wall things that my pug loves to eat. Really strange things a dog normally shouldn't like.
Loves: Watermelon, green beans, onions, bananas, and roast beef. But as strange as it sounds, he doesn't at all, will never eat ,bread!!!!!! So my strange, weird dog, eat fruit!!!! Loves fruit a lot!!!

Plastic Plastic bag!!!

Hello Bloggers, so my project this past couple of days has been making a bag out of plastic shoppingn bags. The base was very easy, but fining out how to round the corners, and make it start having a figure, that only took a lovely 4 trys. but I got the idea from the website called Instructables, under the recycle tab. It says to ad two to each corner, don't do that, I took away two, and just eye balled it the whole way up. It was so fun, and the "yarn" was FREE!!!!! All you have to buy is a crochrt hook. If you don't know how to crochet, it's okay, it is extremely simple. When on the instructables web site, it says you can see the PDF file, and it will give you more instructions, but I djust looked at the regular page. I prefered hte Walmart, JcPenney, and T.J. Maxx bags, they weren't stretchy, but all work just great. Any wuestions if you attemptto make htis wonderful bag just leave a comment. Also it makes a great beach, grocery shopping, toy store, ex. bag!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Bloggers, So what do you do to relax? Do you read, paint. sew. etc. I have found that it is so important to have some relaxation time. without, you seem to get uptight, eary, and not as happy. I find cleaning very, very fun, and relaxing. It's like how some men you can never manage to get them off of the tractor once they get on because they enjoy it so much, that is like cleaning for me. You can enjoy relaxing in so many different ways, I hope that everyone takes time to stop and listen to the wind, or watch the AMAZING Texas storms, and to spend time with your family. Family means the world.

Mesquite Rodeo

So my family and i went to the Mesquite rodeo, and it was absolutely Amazing!!!!!! There were so many great riders, especially the ladie bull riders!!!!One came out of the gait, fell of and then the bull landed right on her. It was horrible to see, she had to have been in pain. Also the men who road the bukin broncs,.... WOW They can definitely hold on Forever. One Bronc ran straight into the dang fence!!!! Right smack dab into it!!!! The bronco fell over, and the rider hurried and got off. Great rodeo though. Also very, very family friendly.